BlancaBlanca is a member of the research group Land Use, Infrastructures and Transport at the Mercator Research Institute of Global Commons and Climate Change (MCC-Berlin). She holds a Master of Sciences in Sustainable Development, Management and Policy as well as a Bachelor in Environmental Sciences. Her current research focuses on land rent dynamics, transportation and the finances of sustainable infrastructure in urban areas.

Recent Publications

Fernandez Milan, B. Synergy effects of addressing social and environmental objectives simultaneously – Cities – in preparation.

Fernandez Milan, B. “The urbanization of water” – Arcadia – under review.

Fernandez Milan, B. “Water security in an urbanized world – An equity perspective” – Habitat International –under review.

Mielke, J. et al. “Stakeholder Involvement in Sustainability Science – A Critical View”. Energy Research & Social Science – under review.

Reckien, D. et al. “Climate Change, Equity and Sustainable Development Goals: An Urban Perspective”. Environment and Urbanization – under review.

Kapfer, D. et al. “How Pigouvian is the location value tax? Evidence from Denmark”. Urban Economics – under review.

Fernandez Milan, B. et al. “A systematic framework of location value taxes reveals dismal policy design in most European countries”. Land Use Policy – in press.

Fernandez Milan, B.; Creutzig, F. “Municipal policies accelerated urban sprawl and public debts in Spain”. Land Use Policy – under review.

Fernandez Milan, B.; Creutzig, F. “Reducing urban heat wave risk in the 21st century”. Curr. Opin. Environ. Sustain., Open Issue 14, 221–231.

Fernandez Milan, B. “How participatory planning processes for transit-oriented development contribute to social sustainability”. J. Environ. Stud. Sci. 1–5.

Creutzig, F. et al. „Catching two European birds with one renewable stone: Mitigating climate change and Eurozone crisis by an energy transition“ 2013. Renew. Sustain. Energy Rev. 38, 1015–1028.

Fernandez Milan, B. „Fostering Sustainable Finances: The consideration of a Third Party Certication Program“. Prospective Innovation at Ethical Banking and Finance, Leire San-Jose, Jose Luis Retolaza (eds.) Special Issue 1, 78-99.

Other Publications and Participation in Conferences


Workshop „Transdisziplinäre Ansätze für die Energiewende“. Forschungsforum Energiewende, Schader-Stiftung und Deutsche Akademie der Technikwissenschaften e.V. (Darmstadt, Deutschland).

CIVITAS Forum 2015 Sharing the City (Ljubljana, Slovenia). Präsentation: Location value capture for Sustainable Transport.

Our Common Future under Climate Change (Paris, Frankreich). Präsentation (zusammen mit J. Mielke; H. Vermaßen; S. Ellenbeck): Stakeholder based science in transition research – challenges and opportunities.

Our Common Future under Climate Change (Paris, Frankreich). Poster (zusammen mit M. Hoffman): The role of transparency and accountability for impact investment.

European Network on Housing Research (ENHR) Conference, Lissabon (Portugal). Präsentation: Location value restitution for urban sustainability.

2nd European Conference on Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans (SUMPs), Bukarest (Ungarn). Präsentation: Value Capture and Sustainability – Evaluation of experiences.

3rd Annual Conference Green Growth Knowledge Platform (GGKP), Universität Ca‘ Foscari (Venedig). Poster: Fostering Sustainable Finances: A consumer’s perspective.


Management and Culture of Natural Resources: Focus on Water, Universität Ca‘ Foscari (Venedig). Podiumssprecherin: Water management in Urban Spaces: An Equity perspective.

CIVITAS Forum 2014 Urban Mobility and Social Inclusion – Planning accessibility for more sustainable cities. Podiumssprecherin: Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) and Social Capita: The case of Medellin.

Seminar and Courses


Kursleiterin für Schülerakademie zum Oberthema Klimawandel. Seminar „Klimawandel und nachhaltige Städte“, Jugendbildung in Gesellschaft und Wissenschaft e.V. (zusammen mit Frick, F.) (Papenburg, Deutschland).