AlaaSince October 2015 I am a scholarship holder of the Heinrich-Böll-Foundation in the thematic research cluster „The Great Transformation“.
Dissertation title: “Spatio-temporal analysis and optimization of urban energy systems using Openstreetmap data and QGIS”

All over the world, cities are facing significant challenges due to urbanisation and ever growing population which add more pressure on the power supply system due to the increasing electricity demand. The transitions of electrical supply structure towards more sustainable systems take place at different scales of the power supply system, particularly, on the distribution level. The Smart City concept is introduced to handle this transformation towards clean and green cities enabling the best use of renewable energy technologies. Geographic Information Systems (GIS) can play a key role for the deployment of renewable energy in smart cities as well as for the implementation of power flexibilisation options like storage, demand-side management (DSM) and backup-power plants.

This PhD project is focused on the development and evaluation of a methodology for the application in urban energy system analysis. This method aims to visualise spatial-temporal electricity demand and renewable power generations at distribution network levels and to evaluate different renewable energy technologies for the deployment of smart cities. It is intended to create a layer of information using geographic information systems techniques and in a second step to integrate it, for instance, to OpenStreetMap (OSM) in order to localise and characterise the distributed renewable generation resources and consumption. In addition, this method enables the localisation of grid enhancement on distribution levels and facilitates the analysis of the renewable energy system in order to formulate what-if scenarios and to support decision-making processes.

First supervisor: Prof. Dr. Carsten Agert
Second supervisor: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jorge Gómez

Research Interests

Renewable Energy, Urban Energy Systems, Smart Cities, Geographic Information Systems, Open Data, Free software for energy system modelling

Curriculum Vitae

Since 2015: PhD student at Oldenburg University in NEXT-ENERGY EWE- Research Center for Energy Technology, Oldenburg, Germany (Heinrich-Böll-Foundation scholarship)
2013-2014: Researcher in Energy Systems Analysis Research Group, NEXT ENERGY-EWE Research Centre for Energy Technology, Oldenburg, Germany
2011-2013: M.Sc. Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency for the Middle East and North Africa (REMENA). Kassel University, Germany and Cairo University, Egypt, (DAAD scholarship)
2010: Academic Studies and Management, Syrian Preparatory Programme (SyPP) in the British Council, Damascus, Syria, (SyPP scholarship)
2002-2007: B.Sc. Mechanical Power Engineering. Aleppo University, Aleppo, Syria


Alhamwi, Alaa, et al. „Moroccan National Energy Strategy reviewed from a meteorological perspective.“ Energy Strategy Reviews 6 (2015): 39-47.
Alhamwi, Alaa, et al. „Optimal mix of renewable power generation in the MENA region as a basis for an efficient electricity supply to Europe.“ EPJ Web of Conferences. Vol. 79. EDP Sciences, 2014.

Contributions to conferences

Alhamwi, Alaa.: „Moroccan national energy strategy reviewed from meteorological perspective“, GAMP Academy on Sustainability, Webinar-live Streaming Session, February 2015
Alhamwi, Alaa.: „Smart Cities: Wege zur nachhaltigen Gesellschaft“, Einführungsseminar „Ansichten einer Stiftung“, Berlin, October 2015
Alhamwi, A.; Kleinhans, D.; Weitemeyer, S.; Vogt, T.: „Optimal mix of renewable electricity generation in the MENA region: case study of Morocco“, EUROSUNMED International School and Workshop on Photovoltaics, Rabat, April 2014
Alhamwi, Alaa.: „Bottom-up integrated models for renewable energy systems: smart distribution grids“, Energy Convention, Groningen, November 2014
Alhamwi, Alaa.: „Moroccan national energy strategy reviewed from a meteorological perspective“, EUREC College of Members Workshop, Messina, May 2014
Alhamwi, Alaa.; Kleinhans, D.; Weitemeyer, S.; Vogt, T.: „Optimal Mix of Renewable Power Generation in the MENA Region as Basis for an Efficient Electricity Supply to Europe“, European Energy Conference (E2C), Budapest, October 2013


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